Mechanobiology, Biotransport & Development in Biological Soft Tissues. Current research topics include:

(a) Modeling interactions between biomimetic platelet-like particles, fibrin matrix and cells in wound healing applications
(b) Development of reaction-diffusion models with mixture variables for understanding the role of evolving porosity in cartilage tissue engineering applications based on cell-seeded scaffolds
(c) Development of lattice-based surrogate models for diffusive transport in structured biomaterials via direct simulation of 2D random walks
(d) Mathematical modeling of progenitor cell proliferation and differentiation based on MADM (mosaic analysis with double markers) data in developmental neurobiology

Tissue Biomechanics. Current research topics include:
(a) Development of structural nonlinear elastic vessel wall models and pressure-area relations for pulmonary cardiovascular networks in the presence of hypertension
(b) Uncertainty quantification and reduced order modeling for transient deformation in biphasic poroelastic models of articular cartilage

Machine Learning and Imaging. Current research topics include:
(a) Development of tailored clustering algorithms for dual-domain data sets comprised of both attribute and geographic information
(b) Clustering algorithms based on self-organizing maps (unsupervised learning) for pattern recognition in ultrasonic imaging of cardiovascular tissues

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