Regenerative Medicine & Developmental Biology.
Current research topics include:
(a) Modeling interactions between platelet-like particles, fibrin matrix and cells in biomimetic systems with applications to wound healing
(b) Mathematical modeling of progenitor cell proliferation and differentiation based on MADM (mosaic analysis with double markers) data in developmental neurobiology
(c) Lattice-based surrogate models for diffusive transport in structured biomaterials via direct simulation of 2D random walks

Tissue Biomechanics.
Current research topics include:
(a) Structural nonlinear elastic vessel wall models and pressure-area relations for tissue remodeling in pulmonary cardiovascular networks in the presence of hypertension
(b) Coupled emulation, model reduction and uncertainty quantification and for poroelastic models of articular cartilage biomechanics

Machine Learning.
Current research topics include:
(a) Tailored unsupervised learning (UL) algorithms for dual-domain data sets aggregating attribute information with geographic location
(b) Applications of UL methods to public health, epidemiology and healthcare disparities

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